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ELECTRICA SA, Sala Radu Zane - 1 October 2019

Organizers: CNR-CME, Electrica, ANRE

Short Description

The demands on the decarbonisation of energy systems require the development of solutions for generating electricity that, during their operation, do not lead to pollutant emissions or reduce them to a minimum and rely on the efficient use of local sources. The use of renewable energy sources (wind, solar, micro-hydro), the development of micro and macro grids in which the consumers have an important weight and require the development of specific, “intelligent” structures of the transmission and distribution networks to ensure an efficient use of of these energy sources.


Development of “smart” solutions for efficient use of low carbon footprint electricity generation sources


• Connecting to the public electricity network the renewable energy sources as well as the distributed sources;

• The “intelligent” use of consumers in micro or electrical mines.

• Management of micro or electrical networks.

• Quality of electricity provided to users

• Legislative aspects on accelerating the implementation of new low carbon footprint solutions for electricity generation

• Technical-economic aspects regarding the development of “CO2 neutral” sources

Expected results

Proposed solutions for promoting efficient solutions for the implementation of electricity generation solutions with minimal impact on the environment.


Promoting electricity from renewable sources produced in units belonging to prosumers – Ion DUMITRU, Head of Service, Service of Renewable Energy Sources, ANRE

Challenges in OD networks caused by the connection of prosumers – Livioara SUJDEA, Executive Director Distribution, Ligia COSTIN, Director of Network Development Department, SE ELectrica

Prospects and potential for using distributed resources – Prof. Mihai SĂNDULEAC, Politehnica University of Bucharest

Requirements regarding the protection of electric power prosumers and their importance for
operation of RED – Gabriel GHEORGHE, Daniel CRĂCIUN – Energy Distribution Company Electrice Muntenia Nord

Solutions for electricity generation with little impact on the environment – Rareş-Andrei CHIHAIA,
Scientific researcher, INCDIE ICPE-CA

Vision on the transition of the Republic of Moldova to 100% renewable energy – Prof. Dumitru BRAGA, Energy and Electrical Engineering Faculty, Technical University of Moldova