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8 November

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The current momentum the world is going through is significant for the energy sector, which plays a key role in the challenges mankind is facing. As we all experience an energy crisis never seen before, the world is increasingly aware that energy affects every aspect of our lives. The World Energy Council recommended over a decade ago five important tools in the energy transition to achieve CO2 reduction and climate change targets. The Energy Trilemma is one of them. The Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council wishes to highlight the importance of the three dimensions of the overall concept of the Energy Trilemma. The Energy Trilemma argues that a successful energy transition can only be achieved by maintaining focus on all 3 pillars – Energy Security, Affordability and Climate Sustainability to ensure that no one in the energy chain is left behind.

In planning the RNC-WEC events for 2022, we are dedicating the Energy Trilemma conference in November 2022, following the World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Summit in Aberdeen, where a new methodology for calculating the Energy Trilemma Index was launched.

The 3 dimensions of the Energy Trilemma will be the main topics of discussion at the conference:
– Energy security: national and regional,
– Climate sustainability: in the context of the Green Deal,
– Affordability: energy poverty and the vulnerable consumer.

Thus, through this event, we will address the methodology for determining the Energy Trilemma Index, as a very powerful tool of the World Council for the global assessment of member countries based on the indicators resulting according to the three pillars – the vertices of the triangle. We want to bring together representatives of the most important actors in the energy system to identify the main challenges and solutions needed to ensure a secure, sustainable and affordable energy transition at national and regional level throughout the energy chain, from the household consumer to large energy producers.


Providing a formal framework for discussion between experts, decision-makers and businesspeople at an important time for the energy sector to identify solutions to transform and innovate SEN,
• Disseminate background information on the World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma tool at global, regional (Europe) and national level, based on the results achieved,
• Romania’s current position in the Energy Trilemma triangle from the perspective of the 3 dimensions: Energy Security, Climate Sustainability and Affordability, • Proposal of solutions to keep Romania in the top of the Energy Security index at regional and global level and at the same time to improve its position in terms of the Climate Sustainability and Accessibility indices,
• Presentation of the investment, development, modernisation, etc. plans of companies managing the electricity and gas transmission and distribution infrastructure, as well as of companies managing important “green” energy production capacities.


• World Energy Trilemma Index,
• Romania’s ranking in the Energy Security, Climate Sustainability and Accessibility dimensions of the World Energy Trilemma Index,
• European Energy and Climate Policy Strategies,
• Diversification of energy sources and ensuring energy security through solidarity and cooperation between countries in the region,
• Major new renewable energy capacity projects and their integration into the National Energy System,
• Solutions that can help the end consumer to maintain affordable energy prices in the current difficult context caused by the conflict in Ukraine,
• Projects to strengthen the transmission and distribution grid infrastructure to accommodate new green electricity capacity,
• Inter-connectivity of energy and gas transmission networks,
• New and digital technologies for more flexible operation of electricity and gas transmission and distribution infrastructure,
• Research and innovation to boost the energy transition and improve competitiveness.

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