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4 December

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti

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The conference aims to present the results of the WEC studies, Energy Trilemma and Dynamic Resilience of the energy systems elaborated by WEC in 2018 and to look for answers and solutions at national level for national energy problems. As it is known, the Energy Trilemma includes in the concept of sustainable development three fundamental dimensions, Energy Security, Energy Sustainability and Energy Accessibility. The link between the Resilience of the energy system and the challenges of the Trilemma lies in the fact that the lack of adequate resilience of the energy sector can seriously affect the three requirements that define the energy trilemma: energy supply, minimum environmental impact and the price support for consumers. The most important emerging risks (extreme weather and cyber risk) can pose particular additional problems that need to be analysed and taken into account to obtain a proper functional behaviour.

In this context, presentations will be made to illustrate aspects of Romania’s energy policies, with specific problems, possible financing solutions, improvements in the regulatory and functioning framework of the SEN infrastructure and of the Romanian energy market, covering both the natural gas field and those of electricity. Experts from energy companies, the regulatory field, energy policy makers and strategists, financial and energy consultants will be invited. This conference will be disseminating the content of the Energy Trilemma study and of the WEC related studies on the long-term energy strategy of the energy systems Resilience developed by WEC, in support of the energy policies of its members. Also, strategic implementation actions in the energy system in Romania will be addressed.



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