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9 October

Crowne Plaza Bucharest

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Digitalization is currently one of the most active processes that determine the transition from the global energy and non-energy industry. The current dynamics of this process is determined by the advances made in the last decades in information and communication technology, but also by changes of technology undergone by the automation and electrical systems, by introducing digital systems for the management of the thermal and electrical processes in the installations of the energy system. In Romania, these changes occurred in the mid-1990s.



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Session I

ABB Digital Substations
Stefan Meier, Product Manager for Digital Substation, ABB Switzerland

Digital Solutions in Utilities
Prof. Sergiu Iliescu, University Politehnica of Bucharest

ABB Ability™ Digital Enterprise & ABB Ability™ Ellipse® APM (Asset Performance Management)
Ansis Silde, Senior Business Solutions Consultant – Enterprise Software, ABB Germany

Reaching higher efficiency and reliability in ALRO aluminium production by implementation of an active system for energy consumptions monitoring and of a predictive maintenance process
Ion Mihaescu – Chief Engineer of Electrolysis, Ion Fota – Manager Maintenance & Repairing, Alro Slatin

Session II

ABB SVC Solutions
Carlos DePalacio, Regional Sales, ABB Spania, Per Halvarsson, Business Development Manager, ABB Suedia

Modern solutions for voltage control in the Romanian transmission grid
Costel Constantin, Head of Department, National Operational Dispatch Unit (DEN) – CNTEE Transelectrica

ABB Ability – SMART Power Transformers
Rafael Llamuza, Area Sales Manager, ABB Spain

ABB PQpluS: Battery Energy Storage System for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) businesses
Maxime Bousseaud, Area Sales Manager, ABB Belgium

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