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15 October

ELECTRICA SA, Sala Radu Zane

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Increasing energy efficiency is one of the five dimensions of the energy strategy at EU level. Recent Directive no. 2018/2002 / EU amending Directive 2012/27 / EU on energy efficiency has as an objective at Union level, the reduction of primary / final energy consumption by 32.5% for 2030, compared to the forecasts made in 2007. States members must establish their own national energy efficiency guidance contributions.

At national level, the project of the Integrated National Plan on Energy and Climate Change 2021-2030 foresees a 37.5% decrease of the primary energy consumption for the year 2030, compared with the value from the PRIMES 2007 forecast for Romania.

CNR-CME continuously promotes constructive dialogue with all stakeholders for achieving the strategic objectives in the energy field, thus contributing to the improvement of the legislative / normative framework, to the dissemination of the latest technical-scientific achievements, to the exchange of good practices, to removing barriers from the growth of energy efficiency.



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Energy efficiency – national and european priority – Irina NICOLAU, Expert within the Department for Energy Efficiency, the Energy Efficiency Monitoring Service, ANRE

Concrete opportunities and solutions to increase energy efficiency in industry and local communities –
Andrei CECLAN, President, The Society of Energy Auditors and Managers in Romania (SAMER)

The Energy Program in Romania. Financing Mechanisms – SEE and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021, Camelia MANOLIU, Innovation Norway

Buildings with higher energy efficiency – NZEB issues – Florin CIAUSIU, Tractebel Engineering Director

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