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23 May

OMV Petrom

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The main objective of the conference was to analyze, mainly and fundamentally, the current state of the natural gas industry in Romania, as well as its short, medium and long term prospects, in local, regional, European and even global.

As a result, the conference addressed a number of extremely important and current issues regarding the current production of natural gas in Romania, as well as its prospects, from conventional and unconventional “onshore” and “offshore” deposits; domestic consumption, of all categories, current and in the future until 2050 – 2060; aspects regarding the storage, transport and distribution of natural gas in the country and at regional, zonal and European level; environmental, legislative, regulatory, economic – investment and market issues, etc.

The conference proceedings were held in two sessions, namely an opening session and a presentation session, followed by questions, discussions, comments and conclusions.

During the opening session, moderated by Mr. Niculae Napoleon Antonescu, Honorary Rector of UPG Ploiesti and President of the Scientific Council of WEC/RNC, spoke to Christina Verchere, CEO of OMV Petrom, Mr. Iulian Iancu, Deputy and President of WEC/RNC and Mr. Sorin Gal, General Manager of ANRM.


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The energy potential of the natural gas deposits in the Transylvanian basin – the current and prospective situation – Prof.Dr.Ing. Lazăr AVRAM, Departement of Oil and Gas Engineering Manager, UPG Ploiești, Diana LUPU, SNGN Romgaz SA.

A brief look at the panorama of geogenic fuel gases – Ing.Constantin Căpraru, WEC/RNC advisor

Latest legal amendments and their impact for the oil and gas sector – Daniel Vlăsceanu, Partner, Vlăsceanu, Ene și Asociații.

Natural gas – vital energy resource for the Republic of Moldova: national and regional reconfiguration of sources and supply routes – Natalia TIMFOTE, Ilie TIMOFTE, Republica of Moldova

Aspects regarding the exploration-production activity of SNGN Romgaz SA Mediaș – Argentina TĂTARU, Director Sucursala Mediaș, SNGN Romgaz SA.

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