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9 July


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The Romanian Member Committee of World Energy Council together with Electrica company – one of the Romanian DSOs – organised on July, 9th, 2020, the one-day webinar conference on “Electricity and Gas Market Liberalization”.

In order to ensure electricity and gas needs to all beneficiaries, vulnerable consumers included, a continuous development of efficient electricity and gas markets and also a strategic overview of the Romanian power system have to be carried out, with a special focus upon: a good understanding of the consumer requirements, greenhouse gas emissions further reduction and the utilisation of the latest technologies for renewable energy sources and transition fuels. Electricity and gas market liberalization is an EU directive and a main driver of change, introducing competition to all the players in these markets and, therefore, a better balance between demand and supply, in terms of electricity and natural gas selling prices.The EU aims to achieve the European single market, a major challenge for all EU member countries.


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