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Symposium “Energy systems and the economic impact of the new technologies penetration in the context of the Energy Union. The current situation of the nuclear field”

5-6 September

ISPE, Amfiteatrul Acad. Martin Bercovici

Event description

“Energy systems and the economic impact of the penetration of new technologies in the context of the Energy Union. The current situation of the nuclear field” Symposium


In addition to reducing emissions, the EU energy union ensures the security of energy supply, as well as the intensification of research / innovation actions, in order to enable the rapid penetration of new energy technologies, both in the field of generation and distribution. Elements of energy storage, hydrogen-based generation, local smart grids, cyber security, etc. are increasingly part of the landscape of the energy systems of the future. Also, high-power nuclear power plant technologies, as well as small modular reactors, contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, as well as ensuring energy security.

It is therefore time to review the economic impact of the penetration of these technologies.


In the context of the collaboration with the International Association of Energy and Economy, WEC/RNC aims to analyse the new energy technologies, as well as to discuss the economic impact, including educational, of their penetration in our energy system, correlated with their international situation. In order to support the quality of decisions in this field, the possibility of creating an energy scenario modelling platform, based on the WEC London experience as well as the IAEA-Vienna, will be discussed. The important conclusions of the conference will be disseminated in the decision-making and operating environments of the energy system.


As research technologies made in the country we mention fuel cells, the small modular nuclear reactor ALFRED, local intelligent networks, as well as the optimal exploitation of distribution networks and hydroelectric plants, the introduction of advanced trading instruments in the electricity market.

Expected results

The conference will produce results related to the concentrated presentation of new energy technologies, including nuclear ones, grouped for the first time into a single event. Already the presentation of the situation of the nuclear field is in its third year, and the extension to other energy technologies seen and from the point of view of their economic impact comes naturally, including to create a scenario modelling platform in order to improve the quality of the decision in the energy field.


Event partners


Day 1 – 5 September

Christophe BONNERY, Președinte IAEE

Prof. Gurkan KUMBAROGLU, former president of IAEE, President of Turkish Energy and Economics Association

Prof. Ionuț PURICA, President of Romanian Energy and Economy Association

Teodor CHIRICA, President of FORATOM, General Manager Advisor of SN Nuclearelectrica

Elena STANCU, Electrica S.A. Manager

Ionel FRĂŢILĂ, Head of Service, Electromagnetica S.A.

ICSI Presentation


Teodor CHIRICA, FORATOM President, General Manager Advisor of SN Nuclearelectrica

Alice DIMA, ANDR Manager

Ilie TURCU, Director ALFRED Project, ICN Mioveni


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