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15 March

Poiana Brasov

Event description

WEC/RNC organized, on March 15, 2019, in Poiana Brasov, the Symposium on New Technologies for the Development of Electric Grids (Next Generation Grid), made with the support of Siemens.

The symposium aimed to highlight the current state of the electricity networks in Romania, with emphasis on the distribution networks and to analyse the solutions for increasing the level of “intelligence” of the electrical installations, based on the current and developing technologies.

The symposium was attended by specialists from the electricity distribution system in Romania, specialists from companies operating in the energy system and specialists from the university environment. The papers presented by the researchers from Siemens has allowed a deeper knowledge of the concerns and achievements of a company with important contributions worldwide in the modernization of equipment and systems in the field of electricity.

It is true that the development of electricity networks towards “smart” networks involves important efforts in which the current legislative and political context play an important role. Therefore, the detailed analysis of the current issues in the energy field, at national and international level, presented by WEC/RNC President, Mr. Iulian Iancu, highlighted the challenges, the development objectives, but also the concrete possibilities to achieve these objectives.

Current solutions for reducing the carbon footprint of electrical installations, developing renewable sources with low costs, the emergence of active users (prosumers), the existence of modern information systems and communication systems, the creation of equipment that offers the possibility of digitizing the data acquisition processes, their transfer, the processing and extraction of the commands necessary to control the functioning of the system offers the possibility of switching the electrical networks to the third generation, in which the electrical network is doubled by a computer network that ensures the computer and technical interconnection of all the operators in the electricity market.


Event partners



New technologies for electric grids developement – Prof. dr. ing. Nicolae GOLOVANOV, WEC/RNC Counselor

Digital Substations – Andrius STAMKAUSKAS, Milan KOLESAR, SIEMENS

Automation solutions RED – Dr. ing. Eugen BUTOARCĂ, Executive Director – Managers Board, Oltenia Distribution

Stage of Automation in DSO – Muntenia Nord & Perspectives 2019-2023 – Dr. ing. Valentin BRĂNESCU, General Manager; Dr. ing. Gabriel GHEORGHE, Department of Network Engineering and Standardization Manager, SDEE Muntenia Nord

Ethical aspects in the development and use of artificial intelligence in electrical distribution networks – Dr. ing. Daniel CRĂCIUN, Specialist Engineer DISR; Cons. Jr. Florin JIANU, Head of Ethics and Compliance Service, SDEE Muntenia Nord

Modern solutions for improving the continuity indicators in RED – Conf. dr. ing. Paul Mihai MIRCEA, Craiova University; Dr. ing. Eugen BUTOARCĂ, Ing. Doru URSU, Ing. Ion MARIN – Oltenia Distribution


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