Schimbă limba în Română

Petre Stroe – CEO MET România, subsidiary to the MET group

Petre Stroe is, since 2017, the CEO of MET Romania, a subsidiary of the MET group.
The transformation of the Romanian company into one of the first electricity suppliers took place following the successful takeover and integration of two companies that brought an increase in the customer portfolio, especially in the area of electricity supply:
– In 2016 of the company Repower Furnizare Romania
– In 2018 of the company RWE Energie SRL.

MET Romania has become an active player on all segments of the energy and gas market, with an active participation in all trading markets.

Also, MET Romania has become one of the most important companies that have assumed the responsibility of the electricity market balance.

Previously, he worked for AXPO Energy Romania – supplier of electricity and natural gas, RD Business, software developer, and was general manager of the producer of electricity and heat Termoelectrica.

Petre Stroe is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and of training courses at USAID Washington, the US government agency for the management of civilian foreign aid.

Petre Stroe – CEO MET România, subsidiary to the MET group