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Conferința “Digitalization of utilities : Blockchain and other technologies”

20 iunie

University Politehnica of Bucharest

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It is essential to understand correctly the characteristics of the current transition period and the future of the energy sector, but there are still many uncertainties, as well as progress vectors for new technologies (Internet of Things, Blockchain, Data AI, electricity storage, innovative transport, etc.). It is useful and exciting to discuss these with industry representatives to clarify how these technologies are applied for the benefit of consumers. At the same time, it is important to understand how these things will transform the three dimensions of energy trilemma and will help identify future solutions.

The aim of the event is to facilitate strategic sharing of knowledge between experts from national and international organisations, energy stakeholders and policy shapers, and to clarify the barriers that still lie ahead of new technologies and how to remove them in Romania.

Key driving directions for discussion:

  • Is the Romanian energy sector ready for new digitization technologies?
  • What is the state of implementation of the technologies in Romania?
  • What should be changed in the legislative and regulatory framework for optimal use of new technologies?
  • What future plans do utilities and connected companies have?
  • What impact is expected from the use of new technologies?

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„The one thing above everything else that is keeping energy leaders awake at night is the
impact of digitization on the future of the energy system. New business models
and digitization will define momentum on a path of innovation, which will change
the way we produce and use energy in industrialized and developing worlds.”
Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council


  • Sergiu Iliescu, Ioana Fagarasan, Nicoleta Arghira, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Automation and Computers Paradigms of digitalization

Panel 1: Digitalization of energy sector. Opportunities and Challenges for DSOs&TSOs

Mircea Modran, Director ITC, Electrica
Information Technology – Differentiator for the 4th Regulatory Period 

Alexandru Valeriu Binig, Director, Regulatory Affairs and Antitrust, Enel
DSO Digitalisation, ENEL group experience in Romania

Filip Kowalski, General Manager for Energy & Natural Resources, Middle & Eastern Europe, SAP
Towards Intelligent Utility Enterprise

Gabriel Voicilă, Technology Partner, PwC
Digital transformation for a modern utility company

Bogdan Eftime, Head of IT Department, Romanian Authority Regulatory for Energy (ANRE)
Real Stories of Digital Public Services

Iosif Popa, Head of Strategy and Statistics, Romanian Authority Regulatory for Energy (ANRE)
5 G and verticals – opportunity for energy network smartification

Panel 2: Digitalization – the impact on business and customer relationship

Einari Kisel, Regional Manger for Europe, World Energy Council
Blockchain: the missing link in the energy sector? 

Catharina Geiselhart, Senior Consultant – Digital Energy – Blockchain in the energy sector, PwC, Germany
Digitalisation examples from real life

Alina Iordache, Business Apps Product Marketing Manager CEE, Microsoft
Enable transformation and growth with technology

Simona-Gabriela Nistor (Stancu)
, IT&C Division, Romanian Gas and Electricity Market Operator (Opcom)
Applying Blockchain technology in the Green Certificate Market

Andreea Ioniţă, Chief Digital and Strategy, E.ON Romania
Digitalization – challenges, opportunities, customer expectations

Florin Danescu, Executive President, Romanian Association of Banks
The Digital Agenda 

Vlad Gheorghe, Senior Manager, PwC Romania
The futureproofed utility